Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What should you do when you have an orphaned kitten?

Sigh.....yes. Sigh... a lot.
Suddenly someone gave me 2 newborn kittens. I asked her "where's the mommy?" She said "I don't know. I also found the kitten in the drain but I couldn't take care of the kittens coz my neighbor hates cat... "

Please don't be like think you are helping but you are burdening someone else without notice. Next time, i won't be so kind  anymore. I also live in a terrace house and i could not have more cats than i have now. Please seek an appropriate channels for help like spca, scratch/ktaj or petfinder....

You know, newborn kittens are very fragile, super noisy and they will end up dead without their mommy due to no immunity in their body system...

So, what to do? Please choose a suitable milk for the kitten... i already have a kitten milk which i stored for quite few months.
I fed the kittens with the milk but i think the milk is not suitable because it end up diarrhea. One of the kitten already 'gone'... The moment i saw the weak one, i know it won't be long...
So, 2-1 = 1. I'll do my best to keep this one going.

I gave up the milk that caused the diarrhea and just feed it with ORS....till no more yellow liquid coming out from the bottom...

You can visit the vet for vitamins or immunity booster. I have no time to do so...

Then, I tried feeding it with a new milk that is specially made for a newborn kitten. Just follow the instruction to prep the milk. You can feed using the nursing bottle or a syringe. It was frustrating because the kitten didn't want to feed using nursing bottle. So, i used a syringe instead while training it using the bottle. Feed about 6 times daily. Then, let's see whether the kitten survives it's first month....Sigh......please spay/neuter your cats.
 nursing supplies

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Catit Scentless Litter Beads

If you are looking for a budget and long lasting, no fuss, easy to clean cat litter sand, this is the one recomended for you. The beads adsorb liquid and you don't have to scoop away the liquid lump, Only scoop away the poop.
This litter is suitable for hooded cat pan too and made for self cleaning litter pan like the famous Catit Design Smartsift Siftng Cat Pan and Omega Paw Roll' N Clean Litterbox.

One packet of 1.8kg beads would last about 4 weeks for one cat in a household.
You have to open the top of your litter pan to release the adsorbed fume once a day.
You can also sun dried the litter beads to make it last longer.
You are not advised to mix it with other litter sands. Mixing it with normal litter sands will reduce it's efficiency.

Once the beads are wet and could not adsorb anything anymore, it's time to replace the beads.
Our cats have no problem with this beads. They love it, we like it.
You can visit Catit Scentless Litter Beads for more info.


Jika anda mencari pasir kucing yang mudah diuruskan, tidak berbau dan tahan lama. Pasir inilah (Catit Scentless Litter Beads) yang patut anda cari!
Menggunakan pasir jenis manik silica sangat mudah kerana anda hanya perlu membuang bahagian najis sahaja manakala urin akan diserap oleh manik-manik silica tersebut. Di sini, anda telah jimat masa untuk membersihkan tandas kucing anda. Manik silica juga tahan lama agak lebih kurang 4 minggu sebelum menunjukkan tanda-tanda ia perlu ditukar (untuk kegunaan seekor kucing). Pasir manik silica ini amat sesuai untuk digunakan untuk semua jenis tandas kucing termasuk yang bertudung seperti Catit Design Smartsift Siftng Cat Pan dan Omega Paw Roll' N Clean Litterbox.

Untuk pengedaran udara, pastikan anda membuka penutup tandas kucing anda sekali sehari.
Anda juga boleh menjemur manik silica anda untuk kesan lebih lama.
Jika anda mancampur manik silica dengan pasir kucing biasa, keberkesanannya mungkin berkurang. Jadi anda dinasihatkan agar jangan mencampur mana-mana pasir kucing dengan pasir kucing yang lain untuk tahap keberkesanan maksima.

Apabila manik silica sudah basah, silalah menukarnya dengan manik silica yang baru. Kucing-kucing kami tiada masalah menggunakan pasir jenis ini. Untuk info lanjut, lawat: Catit Scentless Litter Beads.